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Midwest Tropicals, Inc.

"How To" Videos

Soil Probe Demonstration

Effectively use a soil probe to test moisture levels in your plants.

Video Transcript

Speaker / Demonstrator: Dave Winter, Midwest Tropicals

Hi from Midwest Tropicals.  We’re showing you how to use our soil probes to measure the moisture level in a plant.  We have multiple different kinds of soil probes: Steel, Plastic and Aluminum.  All you do is take your plant, and push your soil probe into the soil so that some of your notches are covered.  Then, twist the soil probe 45 degrees and bring it back up.  As you can see, the notches will carry some of the soil.  Then, you take the soil from the notches, put it in the middle of your palm, and squeeze it.  As you can see here, if it crumbles right away that means the plant is a little on the dry side.  If it stays together, that’s optimal.  If you actually squeeze moisture out of the sample, that means the plant has too much moisture.  This method will tell you whether or not your plant needs water.  It’s a very easy and quick method to use.



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